Combining Business with Community

In so many ways, it seems contradictory. How can a business be community-minded and also be a for-profit venture? Aren’t the two mutually exclusive?

Absolutely not! I think any individual reading this post can come up with at least one organization that they’ve interacted with that makes money while being socially-conscious.

cups14A friend of mine does online Tarot readings, and has recently started doing some broad-based readings tying the Tarot into business – focusing, as she says, “on why, on the heart” of why we are in business.

This one, an exploration of how the King of Cups relates to business.


In this, she truly speaks to me in regards to finding a balance between one’s business plan and the sharing of community spirit through the business. This is truly what we strive for at the Fisgard St Forum.

Give it a listen and tell us what you think!



One comment

  1. Thank you, Lori, for the share of my Tarot for Business. There is a change in the way we are doing business these days. The TRiple Bottom Line principals of People, Planet, Profits are changing how we stay intentional in our business activities. If you ever have a forum on this line of business planning I can always join in via Zoom or better yet Google Hangouts. Isn’t tech wonderful we can be anywhere in the world with an internet connection to work together.


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