Inclusivity, no other option

Friends of mine own a business in the Interior of BC. They fly a rainbow Pride flag outside –  because they can, because they want to, because they either identify as LBGTIQ and/or they consider themselves allies.

I like how they phrase it:

You do not have to watch the pronouns you use for yourself or your partner, you don’t have to hide family photos when a technician comes to your home. We are inclusive. We are proud.

This has come up because a local individual sent them an email (and posted to their Facebook page),

You just lost my business and some of my friends [sic] with your f(-)cking rainbow flag.

The comments on their Facebook post about this have been nothing but positive, essentially telling them that for every idiot that doesn’t visit their storefront because of the flag, 10 people will.

lori suzanne pride

As a business owner, you have a choice – you can be for everyone, and ‘chance’ losing a customer who isn’t open to humans being humans in all of our glorious variety…or you can cater to the lowest common denominator.

We at the Fisgard St Forum are happy to celebrate humans no matter their gender, sexual orientation, ‘colour’, religion, nationality, income levels…creating a safe space for all!



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